Sleeping in Airports

So you’re a cheap bastard and have chosen to save money by sleeping in the airport, or maybe you don’t have a choice with a long ass layover. Regardless of your reasons, you’re in for an interesting time.

Sleeping in airports by many people is seen as a taboo and just a thing they’d rather not do; if it means paying an extra £70 to stay in an airport hotel then hiya pal that is a winner for most people. However for me the cold hard floor, or not so comfortable chair/bench is the jackpot for me. That is the winner mainly because I’m cheap and want to save that £70 so I can spend it all on one bottle of water in the airport. As much as I’d rather save money and have a less convenient sleep, I also just enjoy sleeping in airports. It’s sort of like a game to me. A game all about scoping out good sleeping spots and gambling over if there’s a better spot than the one you have scoped out. It’s honestly rather enjoyable, well to me at least.

Let’s wind back though, and go back to the decision you’ve made to sleep in the airport. What should you expect? What do you need to do in preparation? Will you have a creepy human standing over you and grunting sexually whilst you are having nap nap time? You most likely haven’t even considered the last point. However, there are many questions you will have before you go in, and you’ll want to think a little about them before you find that sexy little corner near the check in counter that has 2 hours sleep written all over it.

The first question I always have is, well can I actually sleep in this airport or will they kick me out at like 1am? It’s a reasonable question, most airports are rather pro letting people have a sleepover, but there are plenty that aren’t pro sleepovers. LaGuardia airport is one for not allowing people to sleep as they had a lot of issues with homeless people – they close the airport for about 4 hours during the night causing your cheap bastard pal Swankie to sit in a McDonalds for that 4 hours just off Times Square. That was a whole experience in itself. It’s best to check online if your airport actually lets you sleep in the terminal. I highly recommend using, they are incredible and detail so much info on the airport itself and the ability to sleep – shout out to them!

Safety is number 1 priority for sleeping in airports. I find sleeping in airports to be rather safe but it’s not a guarantee you’re going to be 100% safe, things can still happen! For my own sake of mind I like to sleep close to where security is or where members of staff such as check-in agents will be. If I’m not able to, I go for finding the sexiest corner I can find and prop all my bags, zips facing down, in the corner and I lay in front of my bags. It makes me still exposed to robbery or whatever, but it’s much harder to rob me then and I will likely wake up if anyone was to try to steal my shit stained underwear. Don’t judge me for that joke or having some shit stained underwear, please. At the time of writing, I’ve had no security issues whilst sleeping in an airport (touch wood it doesn’t happen), but it’s best to always be vigilant with safety.

If you chose the £70 hotel comfort won’t be an issue, unless you live a life of luxury and can’t sleep without your £5000 mattress and Armani silk bed sheets. Airport slumber party participants on the other hand will not be that comfy but hey you already threw that idea of comfort out of your head faster than a vegan running away from a beef steak. That made not much sense but ya feel me, you won’t be thinking hugely about comfort, just that’ll do and hopefully I can get sleep. It is possible to be comfortable and have a comfortable sleep but it’s not common. Only time I feel I’ve had a comfortable sleep was in Heathrow Airport the first time I ever slept in an airport; I got there rather early on in the night and found a spot on a cushioned restaurant booth. I got lucky but every other time it’s been cold hard floor or an uncomfortable chair/bench. Don’t expect a long sleep though, there will be interruptions all the time and if you’re able to get 3 or 4 hours sleep then that is the dream.

I find sleeping in airports easy. I’m a pretty simple sleeper and can sleep in most places and on most things. I guess I’m just built for it, so the corner in the terminal of McCarran airport in Las Vegas is easy days for me. Regardless if you’re like me and can sleep in airports with relative ease or you feel you need that hotel room, I advise to try it at least once. Worst comes to worst you just slug it out, have some caffeine and just sleep on the plane – unless you can’t sleep on planes then well I guess that’s a you problem.

Swankie – 23, Scotland. Founder of Loveable Loser

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