Instagram Followers – Experiment

We all want to make money and if possible we want to make money easily. Easy money. If you had the offer would you want to make money by simply posting your shitey pictures onto a social media platform? I for sure would! To me that’s easy money and I am so down for that easy money making life choice.
In 2019 people can get paid and make a living off social media. We are all aware of YouTube and how much money content creators get for well basically making videos. I’m sounding a little like I’m degrading YouTube as a way to make money, and YouTubers as a whole when I’m really all for it. Out of all the social media platforms YouTube to me is by far the hardest one to make money off from as well YouTube was the OG platform for making money off social media. Aye, YouTube counts as a social media platform, fight me!.
YouTube has changed the game and changed the internet as a whole. YouTube has grown into this giant that is producing money faster than I can get away when my mother says she’s made a salad for dinner and if you know me that’s pretty fucking fast. YouTube now is a career for many many people and has inspired a generation to want to get onto YouTube and become a content creator. Kids these days are now inspired by YouTube personalities such as James Charles, The Sidemen, Lilly Singh, Zoella and surprisingly Logan Paul (cunt). Kids now watch tv less and less and spend more time watching YouTube which eventually, as well as the rising growth in streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime is going to kill the TV industry, in my opinion.
As much as I’ve just spent the past few paragraphs wanking YouTube off I’m not actually really here in this article to wank YouTube off and talk about it I’m actually here to talk about my pal Instagram. YouTube is just the prime example of people making money off a social media platform and is the reason why other social media platforms are now paying content creators. Instagram is no exception to this.
I remember talking to one of my pals when I working in Australia and he was telling me about his pal who makes his money to travel by posting on Instagram (apparently). His pal apparently gets paid per post and can get paid for up to 3 posts a day at £50 per post. £50 per post 3 times a day equals £150. £150 a day to post a shitey photo on a social media platform. £150 a fucking day.
Thinking about this got me thinking why don’t I give it a bash, see if I can get up to the point where I can get paid to post. Pretty ambitious.
Already on my personal Instagram I have 1,214 followers and follow 2,325 people which would make it a perfect place to start as I basically already have a head start. However, I’ve had Instagram since 2012 (before it was fucking cool, aye hipster garbage I know) and didn’t want to have my personal Insta be the page I try to get money for posting as I’m set to private – I don’t want any troubles when working with kids and having them follow my account. My posts are pretty shite anyway.

I got thinking and hit up the drawing board. I decided upon making a travel Instagram so I can post my travel pictures as I really don’t post often on social media (except for Twitter) and especially on Facebook which is where I’m on most. I also decided upon a travel based Instagram as I feel if I stick to one topic and one market as huge as travelling I can still be broad in what I choose to upload, and not have to stick to a certain trend or be up to date with trends. With my imaginary drawing board complete ‘ losertravels ‘ was set up, wee subtle plug for the site – desperate I know.

The most common way people try to gain a following to their account is by the old technique of following people on mass and unfollowing. It’s not the most popular method as among people as people tend to get pretty annoyed by it and can usually tell when someone is doing that. It’s really obvious by the ratios of followers to following. I actually suck at maths and couldn’t give you a ratio unless it’s painfully simple like 1:1, which losertravels is as of the time I’m writing (low key pretty cool, well at-least to me and my best pal). However usually when people see the Insta ratio of followers to following being rather high in the later, not like a little higher but higher than people are on April 20th every year, more times than not that person is using the follow/unfollow on mass technique. Personally I’ve had many accounts who have been trying this attempt to follow me and a lot of the time I just patch them off, not for my own ego sake – I want them to follow me cause I’m amazing and have the best Instagram in the world – it’s more the fact I understand the game and don’t really want to exercise their plan.

Right so you’re probably getting your pitchforks ready to form an angry mob over me being hypocritical. Aye I’m not a fan of that technique and not proud of myself for doing it, but I was generally curious to see if it could actually help me gain more and mor followers until I’m getting that sweet, sweet cash money honey.

Losertravels has been around for a little over 2 months and it’s been well a little pishy. Ive tried to post semi consistently as I don’t want to run out of my good travel photos and have to use more of my lower quality ones before I got my DSLR. I feel the better quality photos the more likely people will want to follow. I’ve had to use hashtags for the first time on Instagram, I don’t ever hashtag on my personal Instagram and maybe have only hash tagged 3 photos out of the 461 photos I’ve posted on my personal account. The hashtags have actually worked in my favour a little with gaining likes on photos from people and gaining some followers but the followers don’t last. That’s the issue with this technique. When you follow a load of people it’s not guaranteed they’re going to follow you back which is part of the technique and you shouldn’t expect a follow back from people. The ones that do follow back can easily unfollow at any point as they’re in the same boat as you. Right now as I’m writing I’m at 157 followers and I’ve been floating between 150 and 190 for the past month. It’s a cycle. I post a photo, get those likes in from the hashtags and get a cheeky wee follow from a few people but it’s always from the people that are going to unfollow you regardless of if you follow back or not. The the problem with this technique, it’s not actually super effective and I don’t feel it can be. If I’m wrong and you’ve managed to amass a huge amount of followers from it then fair fucking play as I don’t find it effective. Do I care a lot that it’s not working? Not really. Only slight care I have is that it can boost the promotion of Loveable Loser and help the site out which is something I’m struggling with, which you can read all about in ‘The Trials and Tribulations of Starting My Site’ right here on Shameless plug, I don’t care.

Regardless of this experiment being a bit of a fail I’m still going to keep posting on losertravels as it’s a good outlet to post some of my travel photos which I enjoy as I’m awful at posting them on my personal accounts. There’s other techniques I’m aware of people use to gain some followers which I’m going to make you all read cause I like people reading my stuff. By you all I really mean my Mum and like 8 other people.

Swankie – 23, Scotland Founder of Loveable Loser

Just a side note I’m not one who really cares about gaining followers or loosing them on my social media accounts. By that I mean of my personal accounts. With all Loveable Loser accounts I’m caring a lot about it as social media is the biggest way to promote your businesses, blogs etc and especially with it being a site for reading articles and life stories from people around the globe (currently it’s just me). Social media following is such an important thing now to develop and grow your product. If you enjoy what I write or equally you fucking hate what I write and wish my iPad gets thrown into the Atlantic, then I’m more than happy to hear your feedback and comments. If you do like what I do please spread the word of the Loveable Loser around, help ya chubby, long haired, weird human progress. Cheers, Swankie xoxo (gossip girl).

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