Music – Reminiscing

When I write I like to listen to music. When I shower I like to listen to music. When I’m throwing cabbages at the elderly, I’m listening to music. You get it, I like to listen to music a lot and I presume you like music as well.

Music is one of life’s simplest pleasures and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like music in some shape or form. Music is everywhere. You hear music when you’re stuck on hold. You hear music when you walk down the street, usually from an obnoxious arsehole playing their tunes for every human to hear. You hear music when you switch on the tv. You always hear music. It’s everywhere, it’s no going to get tae fuck and if you do hate music then fuck your life. Regardless there’s no escape from music unless well you’re deaf.

We all have our own preference of music we want to listen too. For me I’m a huge pop punk lover, I adore pop punk, doesn’t matter what mood you’re in or whatever you’re feeling pop punk has something. Pop punk isn’t everyone’s cup tea and I’m cool with that, I know it’s not the most publicly played genre so a lot of you may not even know what bands are and aren’t pop punk. I’m not here to spread the message of my favourite genre like I’m some sort of Jehovahs Witness of pop punk. I’m more here to talk about one of my favourite things about music. (Maybe take away last line as sounds shite ish)

Now picture the scene. You’re in your house, sitting in your spot on the couch in your underwear that you slept in cause you’re a raunchy bastard, playing some absolute belters unless you’re playing anything by Lil Uzi Vert as none of his stuff is even close to being a belter. Fight me on that. Anyway, as you’re jamming away living in your own bubble that one song comes on next and you suddenly have a different feeling over that tune. Suddenly you’re going from being that raunchy bastard jamming away in their underwear to sitting there and thinking along to the song. Thinking about how that song reminds you of that one time you were sacrificing lambs to Satan or whatever, and it just brings you to a different place. It’s nice and quite frankly I love it when songs remind you of a time, regardless if it’s a good memory or a memory of a shitey time, it’s still nice to me.

There’s a tonne of songs saved on my Spotify account, over 1000 to be precise and a good amount of that 1000 can bring me back to a time or place. Even when I look through my huge list of songs saved across the years I’ve been paying the £9.99 a month to jam away to tunes, I can a lot of times tell you where I was at the time I saved that song which I find pretty cool. I can also tell you what I was feeling at the time I saved the songs and what I was in the mood for at those times. There are also songs not even saved in my Spotify that when I hear them it can remind me of a time such as being in the Motherships (my Mums) car.

When I was young and more fucking adorable that what I am the now, my Mum used to drive me and my sister to a caravan site which we would be frequent visitors to. On the way it sort of became a routine of what we did in the car other than me bitch and whine like the wee shite I was over something (not much has changed). En route my Mum would blast the tunes, the usual stuff she liked which is now some of what I listen to. Even now when I hear a song that she used to play when en route to the caravan I’m instantly brought back to being that wee shite on the way to the caravan site, listening to my Mum’s tunes. Quality times, except for when I hear that song called ‘Sexy Eyes’, that song can fuck right off.

Whenever I hear Toby Keith – ‘Courtesy of the Red White and Blue’, ‘I Love This Bar’ and ‘I Wanna Talk About Me’ it instantly reminds me of being in my teenage years driving with my Mum. WSTR – ‘Eastbound and Down’ reminds me of living in Toronto and how much I love that city. A Day To Remember – ‘Monument’ and ‘The Plot to Bomb The Panhandle’ reminds me of when I was moving high school for the second time and being very upset over having to move schools again. Lana Del Ray – ‘Summertime Sadness’ and Your Twenties – ‘Billionaires’ take me back to my first summer in America at camp, the summer that changed my life. I could honestly go on forever and you get the point.

Music is more than just something I enjoy listening to, it’s a reminder of past events and emotions I’ve felt and I’m looking forward to discovering more songs that will give me more reminders of life.

Swankie – 23, Scotland Founder of Loveable Loser.

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