Japanese Snacks You Have To Try

When people first people first meet me they tend to be like ‘damn girl you a snack’ and well aye you can definitely say they are correct. If you are considering a mouldy packet of sweets a snack that is. Yep a great joke there, what isn’t a joke however is how incredible Japanese snacks are.

The Japanese are known for their world famous cuisine with plenty of mouth watering dishes from the endless amounts of sushi to gyoza and to Shirako (Fish Prostate). Yes fish prostate, you read that correct. Japan is filled with weird, wonderful and wacky foods that are a must try on any trip to the land that brought you Takeshi’s Castle.

With the amount of incredible dishes to try, a lot of the snacks in Japan can go flying under the radar for most gaijins. A lot of Japanese snacks tend to be rather out there with their flavours and can have some intensely strange flavours, yet that can also be intriguing. the point. With that in mind, here are a list of Japanese Snacks You Have To Try.


Commonly known as that mad sushi triangle by foreigners, Onigiri is a white rice packed into a triangular shape, or sometimes a cylindrical shape, wrapped in nori (seaweed) and then shoved into that thing called a mouth. The mad sushi triangle typically comes in a variety flavours for you to get overwhelmed by when selecting what one to spend your ‘yennies’ on at the convenience store. Onigiri is a staple part of Japanese snacks and so wildly popular that is has become a bit of a phenomenon with it being very featured in Japanese restaurants abroad. It is such a phenomenon that there are shops dedicated to the triangle of rice. Personally I think Onigiri is as delicious as kissing someone with mad levels of herpes around their lips, but I’m fully aware I’m in the minority. Despite my personal dissatisfaction, it is still a must try for any visit to Japan. Side note – when purchasing and opening an Onigiri, make sure you follow the instructions to a tee or you’ll fuck up the structure, making it difficult to eat.


Hi Chews are the heroin of Japanese snacks, you’ll find yourself fully addicted and needing your daily fix of the wee chewy tablet thing. For all U.K. residents they are quite similar to your Chewits but with more sex, drugs, rock n’ roll and flavour. Hi Chews are these small hyperrectangle shaped chewy things that are filled with flavour that jumps out on you like a character in a haunted Halloween house. Hi Chews are a sort of mix of a chewy sweet with a feeling of chewing gum, with them being rather soft in texture compared to most chewy sweets. After trying one packet, you’ll soon have your bed covered in small foil wrappers from these sexy addictive wee bastards.


Pocky may be a resident of Japan but it’s a well travelled resident with it being found all over the world. Despite it being the common snack of the girl who watches one anime and suddenly starts to ‘stan’ J-Pop and Harajuku fashion, it’s pretty good. Pocky is simply a crunchy biscuit stick wrapped in chocolate, a simple invention yet hugely satisfying. Again for U.K. residents it’s the exact same as Mikado but with a more ‘kawaii’ name. From the standard chocolate all the way down to pumpkin flavour there is a huge range of flavours to try, including corn on the cob flavour (I’m pretty sure only absolute nut cases enjoy that flavour)! The most common flavours found are chocolate, almond coated and the absolute god tier of pocky flavours, strawberry. A standard Japanese snack that definitely needs to be tried, if you don’t have a pack of Pocky in Japan then have you really been to Japan? No, no you haven’t.


Pringles are known as the most addictive crisp (or chip if you’re a North American) but girl, once you head over to our pal Japan and tuck into a bag of these you will be hooked. Cocaine crisps are what they should be referred as, as one crisp and the bag will be demolished faster than any city hit by an atomic bomb. Japan should open up Gaijin Pizza Crisp Rehab centres for all the many fellow gaijins that are addicted to these mouth waveringly sexy beasts. Calbee is like the Walkers/Lays of Asia with it being the most prominent brand of crisps, with multiple forms and flavours of crisps available. The pizza flavoured ones being one of the more popular flavour with its very strong prominent taste. Like most things that are branded as ‘pizza flavour’ it doesn’t really resemble or taste of pizza, but the strong tangy tastes of the little blobs of cheese substance on it make it what it is. Genuinely a must try for a trip to Japan and if you get addicted then it’s not a bad thing, your waist and insides will just hate you for the heavy consumption.

Swankie – 23, Scotland. Loveable Loser

Side Note: In Japan a Gaijin is a foreigner.

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