The Bubble

The saying ‘the bubble’ gets thrown around amongst people who experience seasonal job life more than a box of celebrations at a family gathering. It is the most common phrase and saying that your ears will be forced to listen to during any season. Living in the bubble is a real thing. Being in an environment where everything is condensed and heightened makes everything seem like it’s not ‘the real world’.

For those who have just read that first paragraph and just though what in the earth is this bubble thing, am I missing something, do I need to pop to the local pound shop to get a bubble blower to understand?. No, you don’t, however, bubble blowers are always a good investment.

The bubble is known as the environment where you’re living and working in a place where everything doesn’t seem like it’s the actual real world and you’re in a world that is external to the reality the rest of the human race is in. The bubble is a lifestyle. An addictive one at that.

The lifestyle of the bubble is known primarily to people who work and for the most part, subsequently live, in a seasonal environment, where you’re working at a place for only a small amount of time, you’re doing full-time work but only for a period of time. The bubble is a place where you’re experiencing some incredible moments with a bunch of people who are in the same boat as you, bonded together by the environment you’re in. Those moments and those people are what makes the bubble lifestyle addictive. It’s a weirdly beautiful thing.

The real beauty of it all is the people.

The people you meet in the bubble can become your besties for life, the people you tell everything to and the people you would scrape their foot fungus for with your own toothbrush. Ok, obviously not that but they can become life long friends that are huge parts of your life for eternity. The people you meet there can also typically be people you would not meet or have any time for in the real world. It sounds as harsh Simon Cowell on a good day but it’s very true.

If you looked at everyone in the bubble, their characteristics, their interests, how they go about their life and completely shallow as it sounds, their looks, for the majority of people there you would most likely not become friends with or even fathom talking too. If most of the people in this lifestyle approached you in a bar, in a house party or any sort of social event in the real world, you wouldn’t have any interest in talking to them or have any care about getting to know them after a brief interaction. It may come across to people as pompous, up themselves shite but it’s generally true.

People in this lifestyle are bonded by the experience and that’s what brings them together, in the real world there are many different factors into wanting to get to know someone and interact on a personal level with them. In the bubble it doesn’t matter if you’re into musicals, rugby, streaking at public events or Danny DeVito’s toenail clippings, you all share the mutual experience and bond of this experience you’re in. You’re forced to get to know people who may not be your type of people but because you’ve entered this dimension of characters and life that are for the most part are different from what you experienced in your common life. That itself is an incredible thing.

Yes it doesn’t always apply in life and you can get to know people because of a mutual experience but in the bubble lifestyle, it’s more heightened. You’re forced to find out and see a bunch of things of a human you most likely wouldn’t get to see, including all the bad things. Not everyone you meet will be someone you will become to admire or like but it’s the people you do that makes it worth it and makes leaving hard.

Leaving the bubble will give you the saudade feeling, but at least you have the memories and friends for life that you would maybe not have gotten to know if you never lived life in the bubble. The bubble will have to bust one day but hey at least you can tell all your real-world friends about that one time Gertrude got 5 peas up their nose while rapping about Obama’s inauguration speech in 2012.

Swankie – 23, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

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