24 Hours on Tinder: Toronto

We are back in my old stomping grounds and my favourite city in the entire world, The Six, Toronto! Now how can we be back in Toronto, Canada when I’m (at the time of writing) in Japan? Nope humans being able to teleport isn’t the answer unfortunately. It’s all thanks to our best gal pal Tinder who has made its passport feature completely free during these Corona days so people can interact with each other, and be able to get rejected on a global scale. Which is where Loveable Loser comes in.

Upon jumping on Tinder one day to write another Tinder article with a bit of twist compared to the usual ones we have here on this compelling and entertaining website, I discovered that Tinder had allowed this to happen. Thus making loveable, yet losers of people like me able to write more articles on online dating and see what Tinder is like across the globe. 

For the first destination we headed virtually by the means of what can only be described as the love and dating version of a VPN, to the town of Drake and hit up the humans of TO. As always I just cared about getting matches and not meeting up with people, which is also a given this time since I can’t even get into the country just now and would need a Sugar Daddy(don’t we all) to pay for flights. 

Now from my last experience of living in Toronto and spending a lot of time in the city as well as the province of Ontario, I’ve came to know that gaining matches in Toronto is as easy as finding a Drag Queen in Belarus. Improbable but not impossible. It just seems if you’re not a solid 9/10 you’re going to find it difficult as there are hundreds of stunning people in The Six and I’ve found Canadians to be rather picky on potential partners, especially when it comes to online dating. Not all Canadians are, obviously, it just seems that way from my own experiences, including a previous article I wrote where I spent 17 hours across 5 days on Tinder and Bumble to only gain 5 matches and have noone talk back to me. 

With that in mind I wasn’t expecting much at all (when am I ever) and would genuinely be buzzing about a couple of likes from anyone at all. I’ve just got to hope some people are sostoned off their boobies from legal weed that they find meattractive. Regardless, pitter patter, get right at er I guess! 

In round one of using all the likes available I managed to match with 2 guys and as usual in this series, 0 matches with girls. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with that result especially when you consider all the factors – two guys isn’t a bad thing. To get any sort of match in Toronto even if it’s from a spam robot, is seismic for the sexy Scottish stallion that I am. 

In round two, it became apparent that there are other humans out there using the passport feature but are actually using it for the correct reasons and not because they want to write a blog for their website. It was easy to tell anyone that was clearly not in Toronto, as their bio’s typically say ‘using Passport feature’ or have symbol based text such as Japanese or Hebrew – obviously then for sure they are not in Toronto. I’m not a racist, I’m so left wing that I’m never right. Hilarious patter I know. Anyhoo we managed to secure 5 likes from people with XY chromosomes and as always 0 from the XX chromosomes. Despite the search for a girl to like me back during one of these articles still going on, my miserable self was pleased with the results.

Overall this venture onto Tinder Canada was more successful than during the time I spent living in Toronto for a few months. So aye pat on the back to me, yay swankie yay!

Stay tuned for the next destination! 

Swankie – 23, Scotland. Loveable Loser. 

ps. Love you Amelia, I know you hate these articles but I still love you xo (FYI Amelia is one of my best friends)

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