Seeking Discomfort

A year and a bit ago whilst laying in bed in my underwear, with food crumbs all over me and generally just being the epitome of sexiness, I discovered this channel during a YouTube binge watching session and instantly became hooked not just on their content but also on the message they were portraying. The channel in question is known as ‘Yes Theory’ and it consists of these 3 guys who are spreading a message/theory of saying yes to things, regardless of the outrageousness, and thus taking risks and opportunities in the process.

The message is simple yet elegantly put into two words – Seek Discomfort. Now their message doesn’t mean seeking discomfort by wearing jeans that are 4 sizes too small, that you can only squeeze into with skinny thoughts and Jesus. It’s more seeking out the discomfort that holds us humans back. The things we don’t do out of fear and being too comfortable in our ways, thus not taking risks whilst also spreading love over fear. For some people it’s some motivational shite their pal who’s a bit too into inspirational quotes would bang on about, but in reality it’s really something all humans should incorporate into their lives.

Seeking Discomfort is something I’ve started to try to incorporate into my life as much as possible – obviously I’m not saying yes to things like heroin or joining a beastiality club, but I am saying yes to things that I would usually turn down doing out of pure anxiety or fear of putting myself out there into situations I usually would bolt away from. It could be said that I’m already living this mantra on a daily basis by the nomadic lifestyle I lead, constantly being in different places away from Ayrshire, Scotland where, for the most part, I don’t speak the language . As much as it’s true and travelling is always providing ways to seek discomfort, it’s in other aspects of my life where I’m trying to incorporate saying yes more, and forcing myself into some situations where I would feel a lot of discomfort.

What ‘Yes Theory’ really showcase to the audience is the general good that humanity has. Despite everything that happens in the world, people are generally good and the connections we have with people are what really matter. A big discomfort for people is meeting strangers and interaction with someone you don’t know, regardless of whether it’s at a party, on the street or at that fetish club you may or may not be a part of. It’s uncomfortable and it’s never easy but by simply engaging in a conversation with someone you can form an incredible moment, and meet some spectacular people despite the fact that most of the time people may shoot you down or be as miffed as you would be if your pal randomly sold your favourite framed picture of Nicholas Cage. It’s scary, but it’s the seeking discomfort thingy that will help you grow as a human.

And it’s true, it can definitely help you grow as a human. It’s helped my anxiety filled arse grow as a human – despite all my mental health struggles and especially my anxiety, following the ‘seek discomfort’ message has helped me out with these issues. My anxiety is still a daily battle but following this message, and trying to put myself out into uncomfortable scenarios, has helped me cope with it in certain ways. There are things I won’t push myself to do as I know I will have really bad moments and major panic attacks from them, but finding ways to cope with other situations by embracing the discomfort has helped me and thus helped me grow (thankfully not in waist size as I’m girthy enough).

So, to conclude this article I just want to ask you the reader, when was the last time you sought out discomfort and took a risk?

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

If you want to check out some of Yes Theory’s videos you can find them here –

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