Empowering Others

When you think about what makes your day, more times than not it’ll be the little things that have made your day. Seeing someone you love doing something that’s made you laugh or smile, having someone do something kind for you like fly kicking the neighbours kids who constantly scream over nothing, or simply seeing an old person fall over in the street!  Whatever it is, for the most part it’ll be something simple and small.

Regardless of how shitty a day you’re having there will be a small highlight, something that has at least entertained you. Whatever it may be, having something make your day is something we should start to focus on and look for. A concept easier said than done as us humanoids tend to dwell more on the shitty things.  However, simply by looking for the one small thing that made your day or gave you some sort of positivity is taking a step in the right direction.

Quite regularly these moments come from people. People tend to make your day and it’s not often we think about how it could be us that has been that one beam of light in someone’s day. That we are what other people think of when they’re looking back on their day and what made it special, or made them, even momentarily, feel good, is so special. . It’s Thanos levels of power to make someone feel good and make their day.

The power to make someone’s day is something all of us should think more about, and seek to do. I’m a firm believer in ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’; spend 5 minutes with my peculiar self and you’ll be able to pick up on that, mainly from me talking about how much I hate something. Despite the amount of imaginative shite I talk, it’s a mantra I stick to as it promotes realness, and being real is what we should all be. If you like something say it and if you hate something say it, with the latter though it needs to be at the right time as there’s no need to be mean and ruin someone’s day. The former part of that statement is what people should really embody more.

If you see your pal looking incredible fierce tell them. Let them know and it’ll perk them up. If they’ve done something quality like balancing a cocktail on their head whilst doing the cha cha slide then tell them. If you’re proud of something they’ve done, tell them how proud of them you are even if they’re confused by it. Empower others with kindness. Spread the love like you spread Nutella on toast after you’ve had some of the devil’s lettuce, and it’ll go a long way.

It’s not hard to be a nice human and make others feel good. It’s the simplest of things to do and you don’t even need to be the biggest optimistic, happy clappy, sunshine and rainbows human to be a nice person and make others feel good. Again spend 5 minutes with me and you’ll likely hear me being a bitter hateful bitch, rambling on about how I hate this thing or that thing, but I’ll be the first person to tell you how great you are, how much I value you and just be a huge complimentary bastard. You can be hateful and you can vocalise your opinion on those things you hate but as long as you spread the love as well, and not be a big meany telling everyone they look shit or should feel like shit for liking 18th century romance novels.

What this article is really trying to stress to all of you humans who are really bored and thus reading this is that we should empower others more. We should go out of our way to tell people nice things, make them laugh and just spread some joy. Obviously keep it real, no need to tell someone you are loving what they’re doing when you think they’re being as useful as an un-sharpenable  pencil. Yet there’s no need to tell someone that you find Quasimodo more aesthetically pleasing than them even if you feel that way.

Be nice. Be real. Empower others and go out there and make someone’s day by being a nice human.

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

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