Beauty and The Beard

Have you ever just been sat somewhere, and seen someone with an incredible beard or incredible walk by you or someone with incredible hair and just think ‘damn I’d punt a stray cat into oblivion to have that’. Be honest now, we all have. We have all had some form hair envy in one form or another – it’s completely normal but it’s something we should try to stray away from.

When one human is lusting after another’s head or facial hair, we tend to forget that it’s entirely possible that person or someone else is lusting after our hair, and would also punt a stray cat into oblivion to have what we possess. Unless you can’t grow a beard and you’re as a bald as a naked mole rat then there is a chance someone is jealous of your hair aesthetics. It’s a concept that is a hard one for a lot of people to fathom unless they’ve just  won the Miss/Mr Confidence and Cockyness 2020 pageant and are walking  around like you’re gods gift to the world.

However the concept of having someone be jealous of our looks is entirely true, but should it be true? In all honesty, the answer should be no but why no?

In short, we shouldn’t be comparing our aesthetics to others and being jealous of what others have. We should just work with what we got and in all area’s of our looks.

Yes it’s possible that you may look like what comes out of your mouth after drinking 17 shots of Absinthe, have shite hair and generally have a face that even your own mother is like ‘what have I created’, but all that is irrelevant if you just own what you have. If you just completely work with what you own, be accepting of how you look and stop lusting over looking like someone else, you will become much happier and more confident. And that confidence is what makes you attractive.

Stopping listing after what others have is very difficult and a long process, but it’s entirely possible to make it though the tunnel to the light on the other side. It’s something I’m trying to work on.

Let’s look at myself as an example. I can’t grow good facial hair, my hair is thinning, I look like Quasimodo after going 9 rounds with a pissed off Mike Tyson in his prime, and I have a lot of body dysphoria. Yet after years and years of bitterness about it, I’m starting to become increasingly accepting of how I look and am becoming all good with it. I know there’s things about  my appearance I can change if I really desired to do so, and  that I’ll be paying a lot of money for hair surgery when my hair starts to properly go bye bye, but overall I’m in a sort of place of peace of with my looks and less wishing I was typically good looking. For example, for years I was desperate to grow a beard and be able to lather products such as The Beard Struggle through my own luscious thick beard, yet now I’m cool with not being able to grow one and being stuck with facial hair that a few pals have compared to that of  a pedophile, bastards.

Regardless of the life story there, being at peace with the fact you’re never going to look like that person you wish you looked like is great. It brings a lot more confidence to yourself that you wouldn’t have before. You know you can change things if you want to and can always go down that plastic surgery route which is a perfectly fine thing to do as well, if you really want to change how you’re looking and find a way to become at peace if you’re really unhappy with what you were blessed with.

You may not be conventionally good looking and thus be able to get thousands of followers on Instagram as a result. But you are you and no one else is going to be you. Which is beautiful.

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

If you are lucky enough to posses a beard and want to start using products on your facial pubes, then why not check out The Beard Struggle! We also have a lovely discount code for you all courtesy of our voice acting pal James Riverwood. Use code JAMESRIVER15 for 15% off on all products including clothing, make sure to check out the link below!

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