Your Hometown

One thing that all of us humans, who do the whole human things such as breathing, sleeping and wanting to own a pet solar powered killing sheep, share in common is that we all have a place we can call our hometown. No matter where it is, how big it is or if it’s simply just a bunch of mud huts somewhere in Equatorial Guinea, there is somewhere in the world you can class as your hometown.

For some they may despise where they came from as if it was a 100 page tax form needing to be filled out, for others it may just be that place they have a Switzerland esque view of, and for some it’s a case of true love and admiration for their wee shitehole of a hometown. Whatever you see your hometown as is rather irrelevant as it’s always going to be a place that is a part of you in some way or another, and much like a criminal conviction for dealing heroin to 12 year olds, it’ll never leave you.

What we don’t think about is the latter part of the previous paragraph, the fact your hometown will always be a part of you and will have some impact on how you have turned out in life. As strange as it may sound to some people, your hometown and where you were brought up has a large effect on how you will turn out as a functioning Homo sapiens.

Let’s put it this way. If you were raised in a bustling city such as New York and raised with the exact same morals and ethics as someone who was raised in the middle of fucking nowhere in the north of Wales, where there’s a population of 7 people and 89 sheep, you’d still have different characteristics that can be related back to the environment of your hometown. Obviously some characteristics are just personal to the person and not just because of where their hometown is, but for some of them it can be related to that place. It’s why we have the idea of ‘city people’ and ‘country people’, and why people raised in the city are different from the people raised in the countryside.

Despite this prominent view of city people and country people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that because you were born and raised in a large city you wouldn’t desire a life in the mud huts in Equatorial Guinea, and just because you were raised in the countryside in Japan doesn’t mean you desire to live in a large city. That is all depending on the person, but even if you move away from your hometown to a contrasting place, your roots will never leave you, even if you suppress them.

Your roots are embedded into you forever, they’re the tramp stamp tattoo you got on holiday in Magaluf when you were 16, even if you spend a significant amount of time away. Other locations and factors may influence you such as your parents nationality and upbringing being completely different or having to move around a lot, but wherever the place you spent a significant amount of time growing up in, that will be your hometown and the one that has the most impact on you.

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

7 thoughts on “Your Hometown

  1. I feel apart from personality differences, the environment you grow up in makes a lot of difference. People in fast pace cities are not warm by nature and are more focused on personal goals and achievements. They are choosy as to where they spend their time. But that’s life


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