10 Years

In 10 years where do you think you will be? Will you have gained that promotion you’ve been slaving away for? Will you have produced 14 arsehole children and 1 sound child you’ve named Clive? Or will you have stagnated and still living that everyday life thing with just a little bit of change? To answer them all, we don’t know. We don’t know where we will be in 10 years. 

We can plan for the future, we can spend hours imagining how sexy our lives are going to be, and we can spend years with our tunnel vision glasses switched on solely focusing on one goal, but no matter how much precise planning we do, ultimately we don’t know where we will be in 10 years. Why? Because we all change, we all grow and we all will experience things that will throw a spanner into our bike spokes and cause a huge face plant. It’s just a part of life, a weird, annoying yet somewhat beautiful thing (much like myself). 

Let’s think about it this way. Think back to where you were 10 years ago from now, think about what you were doing, what you looked like, what your interests were, what your views were and why foundation lips were never a good look. How different are you from the person you are thinking back to 10 years ago? 

For most people, the change will be seismic, especially if you happen to be 10 years old at the time of reading this, you will have changed and developed more than you will realise. Personally, my change in 10 years has been huge. I went from this awkward 14-year-old who had just moved to a shitehole of a town, had no social skills, had very few friends, wanted to be a filmmaker, had not even a sniff of confidence and girl, don’t even get me started on the fashion sense; to this still awkward, slightly more confident travelling fanny with sexy legs that can now socialise (sort of) and has lots of pals that I may or may not pay a monthly subscription for. 

If you had said to 14-year-old big sexy Swank that at the age of 24 they would be wanting to make a career out of freelance writing, would be set on travelling the world aiming to see 100 countries, would be open about their queerness, would wear a pair of fucking jeans for once and be banned from entering Miss and Mr Universe for being too sexy, they would’ve laughed and run away as ‘ahhhh human interaction’. There would be more of a chance of you winning the lottery two weeks in a row than me believing I would be who I am today. What I’m doing and who I am now is certainly not what I had planned. My life plans when I was 14 weren’t what they are now, thankfully otherwise I’d still think wearing school trousers every day is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

Yet, despite being a bit of stubborn bitch, my plans may still change when I re-visit this article when I’m 34. Everything I had set out in doing may be the exact opposite from what it is now, I could end up be sitting in some house I’m paying too much mortgage for, own a farm in Ecclefechan, Scotland and have 2 kids that think I’m an arsehole. Anything can happen in 10 years and the best thing to do is to have an open mind to everything, as to hammer it home even more, you have no idea what you will be like in 10 years. You grow. You change. You learn. You experience. You develop. 

Regardless of where you are in 10 years and how much you’ve experienced and grown in that time, never change the fundamentals of who you are. As the sexy logo we have says, ‘Never Change and PayPal Swankie £50’. 

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

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