The Year of Optimism

When one year is a complete shit show for you, you turn to the next year for hope as nothing will be worse than the previous year right? Well, not exactly. To make the obvious statement, you never know what next year will bring, you can plan things but there’s no guarantee the year will turn out that way. Curveballs could be thrown your way at any time. The next year could easily be worse than the previous year, even if that year is 2020, but having hope that it will be a better year will lead to optimism. And that optimism is the reason why 2021 is the year of optimism.

After 2020 it’s best to look forward and not back, with the year being sheer misery for most people it’s obvious why 2021 is the year of optimism. When looking back on January 1st 2020, thinking about what was to come, what you wanted to do and achieve in the year of perfect vision, you would not have expected your plans to get hit by a mini van full of explosives and go up in the air. No one expected 2020 to turn out the way it did. Not even those people who buy tarot cards off Amazon and suddenly think they can tell the future could’ve predicted 2020.

As mentioned in my year in review of 2020, I had an alright year which when you compare it to previous years, was a sexy year. For me, 2021 being the year of optimism isn’t purely because of what happened the previous year, it’s down to me being optimistic about what’s to come ahead. Apologies to all, especially my closest pals, who now have water damage on their electronic device after spitting out their beverage reading that sentence, yes the most pessimistic realist is optimistic about the year ahead.

I think this optimism from the year ahead is partially down to the awful nature of 2020, but is primarily down to me actually looking forward to future a little bit and what I’m planning on achieving in the year. Right now in January 2021 it’s hard for people to be optimistic, unless you so happen to live in Australia or New Zealand, with the pandemic still cutting about, behaving like the person at a house party who just refuses to stop causing havoc. Miss Rona is not sashaying away quite yet, borders are closed and lockdowns have made an unwanted comeback into fashion. The next couple of months look bleak, again unless you’re Aussie or Kiwi you lucky bastards, and there’s really no set end in sight despite ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ in the vaccine.

As much as I’m wailing in my own misery over this lockdown and being stuck in Scotland, I’m still optimistic about this year. There are many goals I’m going to achieve in 2021, and many things I’m going to do pandemic or no pandemic. A lot of these goals are to do with monetising and growing my audience on Loveable Loser and a new unrealised side project, but also include travelling the same or more than last year, being able to speak German enough that I can ski instruct in the language, and improve my skiing enough to officially become Ski Jesus (aka Skizus), amongst a few other goals. For once I’m determined to achieve these goals, with only a violent mob trying decapitate my large head being able to stop me.

I’m fully investing in ‘new year new me’ and ‘live laugh love’ in 2021…

Nae fucking chance, I’m still going to be the same old big sexy Swank, just going to make 2021 my bitch!

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

9 thoughts on “The Year of Optimism

  1. I just learned something a few days ago (after four years on WordPress), so let me pass it on to you. If you can find your way into your Gravatar settings (not very intuitive, I’m afraid), see if you can fill in some more boxes and especially the ones where they ask for your website name and URL. This will help people to find and follow your site more easily.
    I know a bunch of musicians and especially free-lance opera singers, and most of them are having a hard time with no gigs during the pandemic. I hope all of you get through this all right.

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