Valentines Day

V-Day! Nope, not the name for the end of a major war such as the war on people who play music out loud on public transport, or an abbreviation for the ever so popular Vagina Day. V-Day, more formally known as Valentine’s Day is that commercial and consumerism based holiday (much like Christmas) that happens in the awkward month of February.

We all know what Valentines Day is. It’s that day where couples post cutesy photos online to flaunt how amazing their relationship is, single folk either complain to fuck about being single and how jealous they are that no man has ever bought them flowers despite how they look like a junkies foot; or they have no care at all and it’s a normal day to them. And then you get the arseholes like me, who don’t care for the day, have a slight hate towards how some couples take it too far, but primarily hate how it’s just another corporate consumer-based holiday forced down our throats until we puke.

How surprising, another article where I complain about consumer-based holidays, but before you click off this article and go back to whatever preoccupied your time before reading this, hear me out.

Valentine’s Day as a concept is solid, it’s got good foundations to celebrate the one thing in life we all want to receive and be able to give – A juicy warm sausage, or love if you’re a normal humanoid. Celebrating the love of two people should always be celebrated and obviously, be continued to be celebrated all year and not just on February 14th. If you love someone flaunt it, show the world how much you love your partner even if they don’t allow you to eat 4 packs of bacon whilst stoned. It should never be a secret that you’re in love with someone as it’s a great thing to be in love. It’s understandable why some single people hate the day purely out of jealousy as it’s sort of a fashion show of love for couples where it can be a bit too much for some. But like any holiday, too much of it gets annoying regardless of where you stand in terms of views.

Too much of Valentine’s Day isn’t from the 19th photo you’ve seen that week of Tracy and Louise kissing on your Facebook feed, despite how annoying it is or single Phil who’s banging on about not having someone to love when he’s that creepy desperate guy who would be picking out wedding cakes on date number 2. It’s from the cooperations banging on about the day trying to entice you into spending all your pennies.

You can’t blame cooperations for trying to cash in and make some moolah off of holidays and celebrated days, but they take it too far. The build-up before holidays, especially Christmas, involves way too many advertisements and marketing ploys being thrown at you from all angles where you only a professional fruit ninja player could deflect away. The constant in your face ploys by the corporations take away from the day, they make it all about them and creating an idea of competition in having to get your significant other an incredible or very expensive gift. This idea of competition leads to the posts on social media where some couples become really in your face about what they got on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not cute.

There should never be some sort of cooperating ploy to get people to have high expectations for a day, especially when that ‘holiday’ isn’t one on the upper echelons of celebrations like Christmas, Halloween and National Awkward Moments Day (March 18th, or every day if you’re me). Every holiday should be celebrated for what it is and the meaning of the festivities, not for being able to show off how great your life is or how great your significant other is and you should all be messaging you to e quite how you bought such a significant other. Unfortunately for as long as we’re in a capitalistic country and in the western world, it’s never going to change.

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, don’t complain, indulge yourself in rooting (not the Australian rooting) for other couples to go the distance. If you’re in a relationship don’t flaunt it too much, be respectful of the humans who are sad they’re as single as the kid in school who would lick walls. And if you don’t really give a shit, get stoned and watch Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Alexa, play Jaja Ding Dong!

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

4 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. I worked for Hallmark for years, and trust me, if there’s a job that’ll make you hate holidays, that’s the one. And while yes, you’re absolutely correct about manufactured holidays, it was interesting to see the differences between Christmas and Valentine’s Day shoppers. There was a far higher percentage of people who wanted to celebrate Valentine’s, and a lot less of a sense of obligation. (Think buying a Valentine’s card for your sweetie because you want to, not a Christmas card for Great Aunt Myrtle because you have to even though she’s criticised you at every family dinner since you were six years old.) Now, bear in mind that this was 30 years ago – (30? Gah! When did I get old?) – and long before social media, which has put a whole new, horrible spin on things. But in terms of customer behaviour, I remember I’d far rather work February 13th than December 24th.

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    • I bet it would! Very interesting from your ex retail work experience stance between Christmas and Valentines Day, but you’re right as well much less ‘obligation’ involved in Valentine’s Day!
      That reference of Great Aunt Myrtle was incredible haha!

      Cheers for this comment, was quality to read 🙂

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. It feels like the shops fall from one big consumer push to the next: Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter (although here in Oz, Easter starts right after Christmas), Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Halloween (not as big here as in the US but getting bigger but stupid because October is spring here, not autumn), and then hello it’s Christmas again. It’s just a spend circuit.

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