Back to Basics

When watching a hockey game, the better hockey not the rather meh field version, you will typically hear players in interviews saying ‘ahhh y’know just gotta get pucks deep, go back to basics and the fundies, chip er in and play a simple game’. It’s generally the basic bitch answer that hockey players always give, but when you think about it there’s actually a good point in amongst all the ‘er’s’ and ‘y’knows’.

The point being going back to basics and the ‘fundies’- fundamentals for all you humans not down with the cool kids and  who don’t understand the language of hockey lingo.

In life there are many times where we get caught up in what we’re presently doing and whatever path we’re having our own wackey races down. We just think about the road ahead and don’t look back at what we just passed, or take time to enjoy ‘the now’. Tunnel vision overcomes us and we just see whatever the end goal may be. But, like on many journeys, things get in the way and disrupt our clear straight path. Most of the time we can plow through and bypass these obstacles, not giving a fuck about the rules and regulations or letting our inner Karen come out.  However, there are times where these obstacles become so great you may need to just turn right back to the start – back to the basics and the fundies.

Going back to the basics, stripping everything down in a non kinky way and thinking about the fundamentals of ourselves isn’t the most fun in the short term. Having to regroup or completely restart on a new path takes a lot of emotional strain and makes you really dig deep into the ol’ noggin (head) to work out what your next move is, where you’re going to drive your life wagon too next.  You’ve spent a whole load of time, effort, energy and most likely made your parents disappointed in you because you didn’t want to follow in their footsteps of being a used condom salesperson, but in the long run it’s going to be what’s best for you.

Turning back to the beginning and restarting allows you to really think about what you want and what you enjoy in life. Questioning your choices and working out what you really want can lead you down the right path, that ultimately leads to motivation and being content and all that other birthday card pish. All jokes a side, it can be very helpful.

Right now for me I’m sort of going back to the basics by sitting on my thicc (apparently a cool kid thing to say) arse, being out of it watching shitey YouTube videos all day, living my best hobo life. With the whole of Scotland being grounded until the end of April causing my mad rush back from Poland, it’s all that I really can do right now, yet it’s starting to give me a little bit of optimism for the future amongst my pessimism about the present. Itchy feet, not a in a medical sense, and sheer desperation to go fanny about the world travelling again, has made me even more motivated to see 100 countries and achieve all the goals I have. Going back to basics and having to turn back on the path I was on is going to help me out in the future. Belter!

Stagnating in Troon, but making it look fashion.

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. So true..
    U – turns also leads one to a destination….
    When you hit a block in harm in stepping back…reassessing and taking a u- turn if there is a felt need…but turn back not out of fear but only based on a well informed decision..
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

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