How To Live With No Regrets

One of the more famous photos you’ll ever see on our Lord and Saviour, the internet, is one really questionable tattoo purely because of its major typo: “No rAgrets”. Now as much this person is following the narrative of shite words in a fancy old style that typically skinny emo’s and people who are a little muscly use, it is not the only questionable choice he made. Aye, obviously the misspelling being the other! You’d think a mistake like that would never happen in tattoing, but you’d be wrong. As everyone’s fave gal Hannah Montana would sing, ‘everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days’; there’s no need to talk about how true that is, or how those mistakes can lead to regrets. The guy getting the tattoo may have begun to regret everything straight away, or only after his tattoo had been meme’d across the world.

However, this guy may not actually regret his decision. He could actually live his life with ‘no rAgrets’. It’s entirely possible that could be the case, thou maybe a little unlikely in this instance.

There are people who genuinely live life with no regrets – for most of these people it’s purely in a reckless abandonment, young dumb and love a thumb up the bum type of way; purely just a cover up for all the bad life choices and strange things they’ve done. Yet it’s entirely possible to live a life of no regrets whilst still being a human with common sense and all those other functioning adult attributes.

See living life with no regrets isn’t done by over analysing everything and making sure you won’t regret something, it’s not done by having 2020 hindsight, it’s purely a mindset.

This mindset may lead you into making decisions that may not be the best ones or the right ones to take, in fact they may be the worst choices and simply changing one small thing could’ve meant a much better outcome. Having the mindset of ‘I don’t regret this as it was what I was feeling at the time’ is going to make you live life with no regrets and let go of any past regrets.

This mindset I’ve introduced has stemmed from the rough moments I had travelling when leaving Mexico, Poland and Japan. When I’ve spent over 2 days straight in JFK working out plans to get to Scotland and been through the pain of the situation I was in made me think, would I have still gone to Mexico for 2 months knowing it was going to end in a painful situation especially for my finances? 100%. I would not swap any second of my time in Mexico, even when I had salmonella for a week, just for a better situation when going back to Scotland and to be less poor. I have no regrets about anything that was happening as at the time I was making my next move I would’ve still chosen the same path.

This mindset has followed me ever since and has really helped me let go of past regrets or decisions where I should’ve zigged when I chose to zag. Letting go of these past regrets has sort of freed my mind a little bit. Instead of laying in bed staring at the ceiling, wanting to melt into the mattress and disappear over being reminded about a past mistake, I’m now reliving the moments in a way of reflection and not having them affect me in a negative light . Obviously you grow from mistakes and learn from them, but when you systematically regret something it can mean you haven’t fully grown from that moment as it still lingers with you.

No matter how large the regret could be, how life altering it could’ve been and how much impact it had on your or others, it can be let go. Remember it was what you were feeling at the time and if you were in that moment again with the same mindset and would’ve chosen the same path you did then, you may as well not regret it. If for some reason you wouldn’t have chosen that path again even with the same mindset, it’s already happened, so why let it affect you. So, NO RAGRETS and all those fancy quotes your Mother would put up on the wall in her house.

Never change.

Swankie – 24, Scotland. Loveable Loser.

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