Not Very Copacetic

Sometimes you just have to be as blunt as a hollowed-out cigar filled with the devils’ lettuce, and now it’s one of those times. As a few of you will have noticed Loveable Loser has been existent as free as speech in North Korea the past few months. No weekly posts, not shameless Instagram and … Continue reading Not Very Copacetic

24 Hours on Tinder: Lagos, Nigeria

With the world still being in chaos and Miss Rona not being our pal and sashaying away, we’re still confined to the same 4 walls that are bringing us down, unless you’re Kiwi or Australian of course (lucky bastards). One year on and we’re still in this shitey situation of having our world turned upside … Continue reading 24 Hours on Tinder: Lagos, Nigeria

How To Live With No Regrets

One of the more famous photos you’ll ever see on our Lord and Saviour, the internet, is one really questionable tattoo purely because of its major typo: “No rAgrets”. Now as much this person is following the narrative of shite words in a fancy old style that typically skinny emo’s and people who are a … Continue reading How To Live With No Regrets

Back to Basics

When watching a hockey game, the better hockey not the rather meh field version, you will typically hear players in interviews saying ‘ahhh y’know just gotta get pucks deep, go back to basics and the fundies, chip er in and play a simple game’. It’s generally the basic bitch answer that hockey players always give, … Continue reading Back to Basics


To quote one of the worlds most known prophets, inspirational speakers and an all-around scholar, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 “Motivation such an aggravation. Accusations, don’t even know how to take them. Inspiration’s getting hard to fake it. Concentration never hard to break it”. Yes, inspirational words that will get you motivated and pumped up … Continue reading Motivation

A Non Aussie Take on Aussie Rules Football

Australian Rules Football. Aussie Rules. Footy. Violent red egg kickball. The game of Australians running around a huge oval, chasing after a red egg, charging into each other and kicking said red egg into between big posts. A game where if you’re into a little man on man action or woman on woman action -not … Continue reading A Non Aussie Take on Aussie Rules Football

The Value of Friendship

Let’s just start off by being blunt, we are nothing without our friends. Our friends mean more to us than almost everything. It’s been said many times that we need people to survive and that statement is more accurate than an Olympic clay pigeon shooters shot. We need friends to survive. We need to have … Continue reading The Value of Friendship

A Year In The Life of A Musician

2020 started in usual style with Glasgow’s Celtic Connections, and January 3rd saw the start of my first ever solo album. As musicians, the festive season is one of our busiest times of the year for work, so we really get to blow off some steam in January. I personally spend the majority of Celtic … Continue reading A Year In The Life of A Musician

The Year of Optimism

When one year is a complete shit show for you, you turn to the next year for hope as nothing will be worse than the previous year right? Well, not exactly. To make the obvious statement, you never know what next year will bring, you can plan things but there’s no guarantee the year will … Continue reading The Year of Optimism

Year In Review

If you had to describe 2020 in one word, how would you describe it? Personally, describing it in one word isn’t possible as no matter what word to chose, it wouldn’t do it justice. Obviously, words like shit, horrible, disaster and egregious come to mind, but they don’t do it justice as this year was … Continue reading Year In Review

10 Years

In 10 years where do you think you will be? Will you have gained that promotion you’ve been slaving away for? Will you have produced 14 arsehole children and 1 sound child you’ve named Clive? Or will you have stagnated and still living that everyday life thing with just a little bit of change? To … Continue reading 10 Years


Scrooge, Grinch and Christmaszilla, all names associated with one thing that causes people to hate on you like you’ve just taken a big heavy shite on their car bonnet – hating Christmas. Yes, there’s plenty of people who will hate on you for going against the grain and hating the holiday, unless you’re of a … Continue reading Christmas

Your Hometown

One thing that all of us humans, who do the whole human things such as breathing, sleeping and wanting to own a pet solar powered killing sheep, share in common is that we all have a place we can call our hometown. No matter where it is, how big it is or if it’s simply … Continue reading Your Hometown

Worst Travel Days

When people go abroad it tends to get glorified on social media with many a photo of being looking like they’re living the best life going and for some reason usually involve them looking deep and meaningfully into the distance whilst showing off their best feature, the back of their head. It’s a life that’s … Continue reading Worst Travel Days

The Realness of Social Media

Ah, the internet. One of the greatest inventions in the world. The thing that keeps you in contact with distant relatives that you actually don’t like, the thing that provides you entertainment in the form of watching people do cringey dances in short 10 second videos, and the thing that birthed social media. Now everyone … Continue reading The Realness of Social Media

People Pleasing

If you were in an arena of 20,000 people competing in something, would you rather have those 20,000 people cheering and screaming for you, or boo you to fuck like you’ve just stolen an old ladies zimmer frame and thrown it at a basket of newborn puppies? For the large majority, the answer would be … Continue reading People Pleasing

Taking Things For Granted

We’re all a bit selfish aren’t we? Don’t lie, you are. Even if you donate half your wage to a orphanage in a remote village in Peru or share everything you own including your green shit stained underwear after having salmonella for 8 days, you at times are a bit selfish. It’s perfectly normal, natural … Continue reading Taking Things For Granted

Corona Guilt

If on New Years Eve 2019, you from the future came back in time and told you that 4 months into 2020 you will be confined to the walls of your house and the world will be going into madness, you would tell them to go eat a carrot and fuck off. Well if that … Continue reading Corona Guilt

Empowering Others

When you think about what makes your day, more times than not it’ll be the little things that have made your day. Seeing someone you love doing something that’s made you laugh or smile, having someone do something kind for you like fly kicking the neighbours kids who constantly scream over nothing, or simply seeing … Continue reading Empowering Others

Seeking Discomfort

A year and a bit ago whilst laying in bed in my underwear, with food crumbs all over me and generally just being the epitome of sexiness, I discovered this channel during a YouTube binge watching session and instantly became hooked not just on their content but also on the message they were portraying. The … Continue reading Seeking Discomfort

Still Single As Fuck

Two and a bit years ago an incredible article entitled ‘Single As Fuck’ was written by an incredible person who just so happens to have wank in their name, and was subsequently produced and spread out to the masses - or maybe 20 odd people in reality!  Regardless, it was an article that actually changed … Continue reading Still Single As Fuck

Departing Japan

Unfortunately at some point for every gaijin (foreigner) they will have to depart the land of the rising sun. Wether that may only be temporary and Japan will be dragging you back or if it’s permanent, the airport will be calling your name to fuck off out of the county and force you to go … Continue reading Departing Japan

24 Hours On Tinder: El Salvador

Imagine wandering out of your house and every so often seeing police tape wrapped around an area, people gathering round the tape, police all over the scene and that one necrophiliac being quietly turned on, all by the sight of a dead body. Imagine this wasn’t an uncommon, once in a life time, horrifying scene but instead a semi regular event.  Imagine being able to easily meet someone who has had someone … Continue reading 24 Hours On Tinder: El Salvador

24 Hours on Tinder: Tanzania

Ever wondered what Tinder is like in an impoverished African nation, or generally thought about what Tinder would be like in Africa in general? If the answer is no then I do not blame you at all, if the answer is yes then congratulations you are as weird and peculiar as I am! Regardless of your answer it’s time to virtually bless the rains … Continue reading 24 Hours on Tinder: Tanzania

24 Hours on Tinder: St Petersburg

Brace yourselves at home, Tinder passport is here for free during the month of April and girl it is a ride! We’ve already used to it experience the dating app life in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and you know that we’re going to keep virtually travelling the world to try and find some love. Or in … Continue reading 24 Hours on Tinder: St Petersburg

Mongolian Wrestling (Bökh) – ALTOS

When people are asked about wrestling they either think of Olympic style wrestling, the grapple sport wrestling, or the sports entertainment wrestling filled with larger than life personas and scripted finishes. The latter is known as the ‘fake wrestling’ due to its predetermined outcome and scripted aspects of the whole contest. However if you asked a person from Mongolia, a country that shits out more … Continue reading Mongolian Wrestling (Bökh) – ALTOS

Valentines Day

V-Day! Nope, not the name for the end of a major war such as the war on people who play music out loud on public transport, or an abbreviation for the ever so popular Vagina Day. V-Day, more formally known as Valentine’s Day is that commercial and consumerism based holiday (much like Christmas) that happens … Continue reading Valentines Day