24 Hours on Tinder: Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico is an incredibly beautiful city, that’s home to some spectacular architecture and also home to roughly 1.5 million potential Tinder matches. Read our latest installment of our Tinder series 24 Hours On Tinder: Puebla, Mexico to see how we fare on our pal Tinder in the city of Puebla.


When we were young whippersnappers and thought about the service, the term ‘fireman’ was the word that sprang to mind. Not ‘firewoman’ but ‘fireman’. As children it’s perceived as a male thing with typically young boys having fire trucks and fire service outfits as dress up clothes, rarely do young girls have these things. A lot of children growing up wouldn’t think so much of women in the fire service, and would be … Continue reading Firewoman

24 Hours on Tinder: Tanzania

Ever wondered what Tinder is like in an impoverished African nation, or generally thought about what Tinder would be like in Africa in general? If the answer is no then I do not blame you at all, if the answer is yes then congratulations you are as weird and peculiar as I am! Regardless of your answer it’s time to virtually bless the rains … Continue reading 24 Hours on Tinder: Tanzania

The Art of Voice Acting

Have you ever sat on a train, looking out the window, pondering why a table is called a table and not a Gertrude. Then suddenly that tannoy blares down the cabin, screaming over how the train is about to stop at Shithole Station, ruining your pondering zen but also making you move your thoughts onto … Continue reading The Art of Voice Acting

24 Hours on Tinder in Tokyo

Here we go again, time for more tinder articles. Now it’s been about a year and a half since the last time I attempted to experiment with matches on Tinder, and it’s safe to say the last time didn’t go well. 17 hours was put into tinder and bumble and well it was very disheartening! … Continue reading 24 Hours on Tinder in Tokyo