24 Hours on Tinder: Chechnya

If like in the movie The Purge, there was once a year where there are no laws for a set period of time and you couldliterally kill people legally if you wanted to, what would you do? Would you join in with the purge or would you hide in safety cuddling your teddy bear hoping … Continue reading 24 Hours on Tinder: Chechnya

24 Hours on Tinder: Tanzania

Ever wondered what Tinder is like in an impoverished African nation, or generally thought about what Tinder would be like in Africa in general? If the answer is no then I do not blame you at all, if the answer is yes then congratulations you are as weird and peculiar as I am! Regardless of your answer it’s time to virtually bless the rains … Continue reading 24 Hours on Tinder: Tanzania